Monday, March 9, 2015

the interior design puzzle - one piece at the time

As a professional designer I know what I like; sharing a home with a life partner teaches the art of compromising, and it helps to discover new things to like.
  Articulating a design style when you move in with your lover is not easy, it becomes a process of understanding each others taste and accepting a long process of editing, and selecting one piece at the time.

Furniture, materials, textures, colours, and lighting are some of the fundamental elements of interior design; it is all like a puzzle, each element needing to find the right place to consolidate and compliment the whole. 

1000 SF Downtown Toronto, lofty open space with exposed concrete walls, and 10' ceilings. The result, an eclectic selection of furniture, combining modern pieces with some antiques; several original Eames chairs by HermanMiller Collection, timeless TON chairs (1861 Thonet Chair), Mapp table by Air Division, Slepper couch by BENSEN, Kalpana kilim rug, desk and custom design room divider by aagency 'BOOX'; a series of boxes framed to create a spatial volume to conceal and define the open room. 

A modern kitchen warmly illuminated by a Tolomeo off-centered suspension light fixture, white lacquered cabinets, and Caesarstone counter tops, neutralizes the general canvas and balances with the eclectic flare of combining different points of view and tastes.

Time and patience results on harmony to the lovers nest.