Saturday, September 3, 2011

AFTER TWO YEARS, there are many stories to tell.

two years of absence from the blog, and i am back.
i was away working on the foundation of my career;
arepa café, a forty seats restaurant dedicated to sale arepas in the city of Toronto.
its mandate is to promote Venezuelan food and culture in Canada.

grilled arepas

arepa is a grilled corn meal bread, nutrional and gluten free.
it is the bread of northern South America.

the restaurant project has been a platform for the design/entrepreneurship objectives.
the process started by working a concept and creating the business plan, developing construction drawings for the interior design of arepa café. we execute the design and open for business.

we have been on Queen Street West for almost two years and had sold about forty thousand arepas, thanks to a supportive and curious community.